A series of fifteen visual meditations were inspired by the traditional “Stations of the Cross” seen in most Catholic Churches. The ritual use of the stations has been a Lenten tradition, along with fasting and self denial, with the purpose of improving one’s humanity or becoming more like Christ.

My unusual method of working with the stations took the form of Jungian dream analysis. By approaching the task in a prayerful attitude, I hoped to experience my inner truth. This work is an extension of a long-term effort to “Know myself” and “Above all, to mine own Self be true”.

I used 9” squares of aluminum as a support for the oil paintings with the intention of working with the alchemical metaphor of transforming lead (the grey, heavy, unknown) to gold (the precious light of truth). Just as Lent is followed by Easter, Winter is followed by Spring, when death leads to rebirth in Nature.

When I completed the fourteenth station, I realized that I must have a fifteenth. It was to be symbolic of the resurrection and my inner truth that Spirit / Energy is immortal, even though the body turns to dust /matter.
E = MC2 is infinite. This is the vital, hopeful part of the whole experience.

View a complete set of my Visual Meditations.



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