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In the tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, Mandalas play a significant part in ritual celebrations. They are usually "painted" on a large table with colored sands. The form has a center with squares, circles and crosses that radiate out from that center. There are many small symbols of life forming complex patterns in their large "Wheel of Time" It is believed that the people who view it will be blessed or renewed by their pilgrimage and devotion. It is part of a huge community celebration in which many monks trained in the craft of sand painting take part. Native American Shamans have instinctively turned to sand painting as a way of healing an individual. These sand paintings are scaled down to the space within a tent. The person in need of healing, sits in the middle of the tent. The shaman / artist begins creating intuitive, healing forms of colored sand all around the patient. They are intended to heal the problem
or eliminate the evil spirit from their life.

Carl Jung discovered that the phenomena of Mandala painting was practiced in cultures all over the world, throughout human history. He felt that the form may be produced spontaneously by the psyche, soul or spirit and seems to have a sacred healing power.

There was a stage in my life, when I had little time to meet my commitments, during a difficult period. I found that the discipline of meditation was helpful. When I finally had the time to actually paint, small centered images came to me spontaneously. The images flowed onto the paper almost effortlessly. It felt like an act of prayer. I feel they are a special, mysterious gift that comes when needed.

Meditation disciplines prepare one to receive the gift and create a healing art

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