Art as a Process of Active Meditation

“Many years ago, I discovered that my soul is aware of things that my
intellect doesn¹t know until my hands create something that the brain can
see and then understand. The work reveals inner truths to me.”
Excerpt from a Journal
by Lorraine Almeida


Teaching Soul Work

Lorraine is available for a limited number of consultations with individuals wishing to nurture their creative spirit. An introductory dialog pursues personal ideas, beliefs, feelings and hopes before experimenting with images and materials. The process is intuitive experimentation, to create something of truth and meaning to its creator.

Lorraine is a facilitator in that birthing. In addition to her commitment to art, she has a long time interest in spirituality, encompassing the world¹s mythology, mystics, meditation, and religion. Lorraine offers you a light, spacious, safe environment, with commitment to sensitivity and confidentiality; an opportunity to create in tears or laughter - a chance to nurture your inner seed, that begs to be watered, fed and inspired.



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